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Apples In Stereo- Sun Is Out

"Cranberry Lifecycle:

jeff mangum + will cullen hart

drums, guitar, tamborine, cups, stove and other shit.”

Julian Koster and Jeremy Barnes.

Julian Koster and Jeremy Barnes.

I think I may have posted this before… even so, it deserves to be shown again.

Julian discusses the life and story of Badger Saw, and tells his story behind the creation of a certain holiday song.


In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

liner notes


In The Aeroplane Over The Sea master release form


Beautiful smile in Ektachrome Super 8mm Athens, GA 1998.

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As a celebration of Easter, here’s King of Carrot Flowers pt. 2, performed by Jeff Mangum live at Jittery Joe’s.

The Gerbils

Jeff Mangum’s cover of “Glue” by The Gerbils, the song in the previous post.

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